Necklace 18 Chain Mustard Seed Box Cross


Mustard Seed Faith Box Cross Necklace. Real mustard seed is inside clear acrylic box cross with silver plated rim. Pendant is 9/16″L x 7/16″W. Silver plated chain is 18″. Packaged in clear header box with beautiful artwork and poem. Header box size is 4 1/2″ x 6″ x 5/8″. Text of poem: With FAITH there is so much that you can achieve,you can move mountains if you just believe. Great things are possible when they first start with lots of prayer and FAITH in your heart. It takes just a little,in fact all you need is FAITH that’s as small as this wee mustard seed. So please wear this necklace and let your FAITH grow by putting your FAITH in the God that you know. (By Alda Maria copyright Dicksons)

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